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Thread: Gallery- Martell Knives

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    Beautiful. Have you ever done a kiritsuke? Thinking of owning a DM Kiri got my mouth watering
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    Quote Originally Posted by Drumjockey View Post
    Beautiful. Have you ever done a kiritsuke? Thinking of owning a DM Kiri got my mouth watering

    No not yet but I do have one on order. Thanks for the kind words.

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    Gorgeous work Dave!

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    Throw a brisket in the smoker Jim, you've got a new slicer on the way as well as a new nakiri for prep work.

    Both knives are made from O-1 (Rc 60-61)

    Handles were made by Stefan Keller, designed with input from Jim. We've got another (matching) handle here that's going on a special project 270mm gyuto coming in the not too distant future.

    These two are the first of my knives that are marked on the right side of the blade. I will continue to do this unless requested to do otherwise or I have a left handed customer that I know about. The reason for this change is that I want the logo to be seen when the knife is laid on the board as well as when being hung on a magnetic knife rack. Yes they could be placed reversed on a mag rack but most people have Japanese knives displayed with the right side out and will likely appreciate being able to see the mark when aligning the edges to all point in the same direction.

    So Jim, I hope the wait will have been worth it, we're talking 1.5 yrs here!!!
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    sexy time!!!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by knyfeknerd View Post
    sexy time!!!!!
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    Wohoo, there they are. 1 1/2 years and it's not all my fault, that's kind of refreshing to see I like'em.


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    Thank goodness I have a wireless keyboard... makes it easier to post from the floor!

    Thanks Dave and also to Stefan for all your work!

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    I sure hope that you got yourself up off the floor Jim.

    Thanks for the kind words guys.

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    Fantastic, Dave!

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