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Thread: SALE - 2nd Quality Martell Gyuto

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    SALE - 2nd Quality Martell Gyuto

    OK folks, I have a knife to sell that just about kicked my ass and I want it gone!

    What's the deal? I reworked every aspect of this knife at least three times making this the longest knife build yet and I'm sick of looking at it. The knife is functionally well but aesthetically it has some issues. Let me explain.....

    The handle is solid buffalo horn and easily the most difficult material that I've used on a handle to get finished just right. It's like working on a rock made of hair. Some belts and sandpaper work it easily and undercut it while other types don't undercut but don't move it at all - so damn strange. The horn fought me hard - VERY hard.

    The bolster is something different for me, I went with nickle silver and decided to challenge myself even more (what was I thinking?!?!?!?) by pinning it vs attaching it over the tang. I was hoping to finally prove to myself that I could do this for a full tang knife if need be. Anyway, during my little experiment two things occurred that I was surprised to see. See below for details.

    Then came time to do a final finish on the blade (post maker's mark application) and while doing this step my finishing belt broke and caused damage to the blade (ripped the heal off) and scratched the blade. Yeah I wasn't happy at all. Then to add to the disaster I had to get a new finishing belt which is many moons away from doing what the old worn belt would do so my final finish process is jacked.

    Hell even taking the pictures of this knife proved to be a painful experience, it took 5 sessions to capture the awful pictures I'm showing here.

    Here's the issues with this knife....

    1. Left side of the bolster has an exposed pin showing through. I have no idea why it's like this but from what I can see the hole looks oblong to the roundness of the pin. This is strange because I had all of the pins looking great and well blended into the bolster but after refinishing the handle for the 3rd (or 4th) time (stupid buffalo horn!) this pin popped up. It just gets worse the more I try to make it go away so I've given up trying.

    2. Right side of the bolster has 3 or 4 little pitted looking spots where there was voids in the nickle silver bar left from casting. This, like the pin mentioned previously, exposed itself after additional refinishing work was being done because of the stupid buffalo horn!

    3. In messing with the bolster (see #1 & #2 above) I somehow managed to scratch the blade lightly in some spots. This likely came from the gloves I was wearing while handling the blade. I never do this, NEVER, I always handle the blade wrapped in tape, but in this case I had taken the tape off when I noticed a problem with the (stupid!) buffalo horn.

    4. Now for the kicker (oh yeah there's more), the buffalo horn seems to expand and contract with temperature changes. I've seen the pin being flush and then slightly proud of the horn and then flush again and back and forth many times. It's not always when I'm working on the handle either, it just moves from sitting. I don't feel that this is drastic or reason to expect a failure but I'm concerned that it may move even more over time and what this could mean. Because of this I sealed the horn with a polymerizing oil to keep moisture out but like I said I think it's a temperature thing more than moisture. Too bad because the horn has a great look and feel to it, some light streaking on the top and bottom with lighter bands on the sides.

    I attached several pictures (below) that I believe show the knife and it's issues accurately. Note - there's no pictures showing the light scratches on the blade - this is impossible to shoot - it's almost impossible to see in person but I'm mentioning it for full disclosure anyway.

    Knife - Martell 240mm western hidden tang gyuto in O-1 @ Rc 60-61 with buffalo horn handle, nickel silver bolster & pin

    Terms of Sale - Sold "As Is" - "2nd Quality" - Please look at all photos carefully and ask any questions that you may have before committing to purchase - I don't want to see this knife again.

    Price - $475 (CONUS shipping included - will pro-rate for international)

    Please PM me if interested.

    Thanks for looking,
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    PS - I'd love to hear about what you guys think of the look of this. Just curious what everyone thinks mostly about the bolster.

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    I really like the look of the Bolster, the whole package actually.
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    My call is sexy, but a bit too formal for my tastes. I like the bolster as well and it too works with the 'formal' theme.

    Someone is going to get a sweet deal on this one!
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    Wow. I love this Dave. I think the imperfections make it even better. Really wish I was in a position to buy.
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    I personally love the look of the knife, and I have often been a proponent of less bling in knives. Black with class is my preference, and I think you got it right. It is simple and sleek. My only gripe would be that with solid black buffalo horn, a high polished linen micarta would be just as good and the material wouldn't be as finicky.

    With that said, I am actually looking at black buffalo horn for my next knife, but I wanted black with white streaks in it to give some contrast. I might rethink that now though.

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    I agree with knerd. The blemishes make this knife amazing. A truly great piece bit I understand it takes an outside eye to see potential sometimes great work regardless of what you think. Thanks for sharing, unfortunately it's the holidays so no funds available, cause I'm on the market for a western

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    Love it. Like a knife in a tux.

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    The idea for the bolster and black handle came from the unfortunate customer who's been waiting patiently forever for this knife. It was all his vision and I hate to sell it but I can't give him anything but the best.

    I really appreciate all the comments guys, thanks.

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    Dave, if I had the coin I'd totally grab this one!

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