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Thread: Today I found a great painter

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    Today I found a great painter

    ...I was surfing my usual sites to day, and came across this:

    I was blown away, so I surfed the master himself and ended up buying this:

    If anyone wants a great painting I recommend you to see his site:

    Just wanted you guys to know about this artist

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    That's a beautiful piece. Very evocative.

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    Wow, really interesting site. Did you get it yet? I'd be interested in hearing your impressions re how the transaction went, quality of packaging, and the piece itself once you got to see it in person.

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    I have no news
    But will post when I get it. I guess I get it within 3 weeks

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    Beautiful. Makes me want to sit down and paint a few more pictures. Maybe when i paint a new one i will share some pictures

    Great piece! Nice score


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