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Thread: YouTube Knuckleheads

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    Quote Originally Posted by BurkeCutlery View Post
    Yikes. Just realized it's a Moritaka.
    I'm sure there are pressure problems and potential grind problems, however moritakas also are slightly hollow ground above the edge (shoddy workmanship putting it in leads to the holes) Hence why you see good polish at the edge and above the hollow. As far as Ken and his philosophies go I'm not even going there had enough debates on FF to last a lifetime.

    Really surprised though as Maxim said what he was trying to show. An Epic fail if one ever occured.

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    Lets say I understand why he just spent 15 minutes [!] to show you how natural stones finish is different, however, why wouldnt he just make a little section of the blade for show, but with proper progression, instead of producing different scratch patterns all over the place? I mean, some people watching that could think thats the way to go.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sarge View Post
    I'm sure there are pressure problems and potential grind problems
    Nah, he said it was the knife.

    I was just trying to figure out if the stone was aggressive enough to do that on it's own, which would mean different things for the finish.

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    Quote Originally Posted by maxim View Post
    The finish was kind of crapy before and after. And bevel was very uneven. So i dont see what he want to prove in that video . I will be kind of embarrassed to show of that finish

    I dont say its bad to have that finish, Knife is maybe sharp that is what most important. But he wanted to show Jnat finish. And that fail big time
    I love how they never mention that each natural is unique and qualities may vary from stone to stone. They generalize the stone by name and that is it.

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    Yeahh that it also huge issue, i have seen Hakkas that was super fine and super coarse, even from same layer and appearance

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    I once had a friend here who brought me something fun to see and play with. What he had was a natural (I can't recall what exactly it was) that had a layer broken off of the surface at the half point so that what we now had was a stone with the original surface and then about 2mm down on the other half was another layer. He wanted me to see how different the results he was getting from the two different layers. Well we used a few different knives while trying the stone out and I was just amazed at what we saw, it was like using two absolutely completely different types of stones in both feel and results achieved.

    The lesson I learned that day was that even if you find a stone that kicks ass it might not be kicking the ass in a few years time.

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    Excellent point sir

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    Quote Originally Posted by schanop View Post
    Sorry to go off youtube again a close up shot of high quality finish.

    My second hand inox honyaki looks like that... and I don't know how to fix it...

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    Quote Originally Posted by gentlecook View Post

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