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Thread: YouTube Knuckleheads

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    Wow, that was sad to watch! I guess with a dull knife, you may need those "techniques". To dice a potato or onion, I get a sharp knife and just push it straight down No multiple passes needed, no fancy tip up or "pull" cutting, which didn't even go all of the way through the onion. That is a sad video!

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    I'm so excited to try out the "high technique" tomorrow at work.

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    Okay, that's it. The final piece of evidence needed to prove that YouTube has no moral or ethical standard for what it allows to be posted. Dude, that's just wrong.

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    So that is how you're supposed to do it. I've been wrong all these years. What a crock of shite.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BurkeCutlery View Post
    OMG this is a treasure trove of aggravating bullsh*t.

    It's like "Watch me closely--my tools suck, my standards are low, and I don't believe in anything better. I are Master Chef! I show you how."

    Uncut food, 6 strokes to split a piece of Celery in half, potatoes welded to the knife, a grip that makes my wrist ache just looking at it...
    Isn't this the same guy?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Johnny.B.Good View Post
    Yes it is. This video plus others are all contained on a dvd that accompanies the book.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Johnny.B.Good View Post
    Whoa! That's him? I never bothered to look him up.

    He's quoted here:

    Norman Weinstein, knife-skills instructor at the Institute of Culinary Education in New York City, recommends using a reputable professional instead of trying to sharpen your knives at home "because the learning curve for doing it yourself is so high."

    "A good knife balances near the bolster," Mr. Weinstein said, referring to the shank or transition point where the handle meets the blade. Like many professionals we encountered he holds his knife by pinching the blade between thumb and forefinger, just ahead of the bolster, curling his other fingers lightly around the handle. "A knife is a tool designed to take the work out of muscles. The heavier your knife, the more work it will do for you. It's a myth that a smaller person needs a smaller knife. Would you give a small person a smaller hammer?"

    The funny thing about the NY Times article is that in the second page, David Bouley is raving about Japanese knives and how all the cooks are using them. It seems that there is a huge disconnect between culinary schools and restaurants when it comes to knives, likely because big makers are offering huge discounts to culinary schools to get their *cough* crappy *cough* knives into the hands of students.
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    Yeah, he's the top knife guy teaching an ignorant generation for tuition. He's the CIA's answer to mother f***ing Isao Machii.

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