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Thread: YouTube Knuckleheads

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    Quote Originally Posted by Don Nguyen View Post

    This setup is awesome, only $2500!
    Whatta deal! Especially if it includes that high end stropping towel...

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    This guy is "dull, dull, dull!" What's the angle on that edge...about 45 degrees?
    Though I could not caution all I still might warn a few; Don't raise your hand to raise no flag atop no ship of fools. - Robert Hunter

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    This guy is taking a world class beating in the YouTube comments section.

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    $2500.....seems like a steal

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    Would you let your friend shave your legs for you? Why not the forearm hair he had some there too.
    Chewie's the man.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave Martell View Post
    $2500.....seems like a steal
    SOMEone's certainly getting robbed.

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    The system seems legit, if he would have a 90% off sale. Shaving that other dudes leg was just bizarre.

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    hahaha "I hope you like pain"

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    Quote Originally Posted by GlassEye View Post
    Most efficient brunoise of onion I have seen.

    "In this video, Mahalo's cooking expert Chef Eric Crowley shows you how to brunoise an onion."
    So I only worked in a pro kitchen for a few months, and never had to do a brunoise. I thought the way he did it was pretty much how you ought to? I mean sure he was slow and only doing a tiny piece at a time. What am I missing? I thought you were supposed to actually peal out the leaves of an onion for a brunoise?

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