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Thread: YouTube Knuckleheads

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    MmmmMMMMMMMMM! Party time at the single wide!

    Carp balls = redneck gefilte fish?
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    I'm not sure if i watched deleted scenes from trailer park boys or a random knucklehead video.
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    More meat went in the garbage than into the kitchen, what a shame.
    Kind of wish I had him for a neighbour though, would be good bartering

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    Was that a joke? No way was that guy way

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    I've commented on that video. Tried being as nice as possible while still disagreeing with his. "method". Thumbs up my comment if you wish.
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    That was... quite something to watch. Lack of finesse aside, I can't believe so much of the fish was wasted.

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    No sense being mean - he seems like a really nice guy with a lot of enthusiasm and willingness to share.

    But I'm not sure what go to me the most... I watched that whole thing with my jaw on the table... unsanitary, bad fillet'ing, wasted meat...

    I dare you to watch the second part where he cooks it...
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    In his kitchen? I laughed my ass off at this!

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    Quote Originally Posted by brainsausage View Post
    This reminds me of my acid days- confusing, uncomfortable, yet oddly hilarious...

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    I Think she may be experimenting herself.
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