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Thread: Dangers of the BGE

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    I did a pizza on the Egg yesterday, at 700 degrees, and did not loose any eyebrows! It was good.

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    A time I remember loosing my eyebrows in someone else's workshop. I was being made to do something in a very stupid way and I should have told him to get stuffed really. But I didn't dare at the time. I was dishing 3mm steel discs using a hydraulic press with a steel former on the top. The bottom former was a dished out log, which had previously split during this procedure. At this point there was a ratchet strap around the log keeping all the pieces together. One of many problems with this particular A-hole's system was that when you squish a red hot plate into the log, the strap would catch fire and had to be dowsed with water. So we had a very damp log, red hot plate and a 40 odd ton press squishing it all together. If you went in to hard and released the top tool too quick. A kind of steam would be released... so hot that it seemed to burn everything in its path. I lost most of my hair, eyebrows and eyelashes working for that twat. Ah dear the things we do to learn.

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