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Thread: DMT extra extra coarse

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    DMT extra extra coarse

    Hey guys. Well I was finally able to get a D8xx and I was wondering about how long this would last? I know that the amount of usage depends on longevity. I normally sharpen twice a month (maybe once or so more depending on if someone from work asks me to put an edge on one of there) From what I gather it should last a good bit of time. Thanks again all.

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    Using it to flatten stones when sharpening twice a month, I would estimate about 618 years.

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    Haha. Nice. Although during those two or so times a month I might be sharpening up to 5 knives at a shot so taking that into consideration maybe about 309?
    Quote Originally Posted by rulesnut View Post
    Using it to flatten stones when sharpening twice a month, I would estimate about 618 years.

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    Have you considered the Atoma?
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    I've had mine a year now and it's starting to slow down a bit, still does it's job just fine though.

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    They last me about a year. I sharpen knives 1-2 times a week. Note, Some of the stones I flatten are very hard and abrasive, it a J-nat kind of thing (:

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    I was in the market for XXC and went for Atoma instead. Have heardl good things about it.


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    So can any 1 who has used both the Atoma and the DMT XXC comment on the pros/cons/longevity of each?

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    Dave can.

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    Atoma vs DMT

    Longevity - Close

    Sticktion - Atoma

    Speed for flattening - Atoma

    Speed for sharpening - Unknown (never sharpened on Atoma)

    Scratches - Atoma makes much smaller gouges

    Cost - DMT

    Replacement Cost - Flip a coin (Atoma does offer replacement pads)

    Weight - Atoma is lighter

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