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Thread: Hiromoto AS Re-Handle Group Buy is ON!

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    OK guys I'm finally going to be starting work again tomorrow on these knives. I've got a few at 50% already so keep your eyes peeled.

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    I've been playing around with Hiros for awhile and every now and then I try something different when it comes to the etching and surface conditioning procedure that I do. Over the last few I've done I've tweaked a couple of ways I do things and can see a direction that the results are headed and I like it. I've been encouraged by this and it's lead me to try something different (adding an extra two steps) yet very similar and I'm very happy with what I've seen already, pre-etch. Just wait until I show the next gyuto that'll be finished, it's the first one using this new process and if it's half as good as I suspect then I've scored a winner here. I'm excited to finish this knife up.

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