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Thread: Wells Fargo Wagon is a-comin'

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    Quote Originally Posted by BertMor View Post
    PT, my choice wasa between those two. I had a hard time distinguishing them. Ultimately, I went with the 6000 because I could feel a slightly finer grain to it (and I liked the color LOL). I think they are pretty close, but Jon knows these stones more intimately than anyone
    Thanks, Bert. The 6000 is a pretty unique looking stone.

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    Thanks for posting Bert. I've been talking w/ John about his Gesshin stones, and I'm considering the 2k & 4k soakers. Mainly because they're very different than the GS stones I currently have. I'm also on the fence about the splash-n-go 1k and 5k or 6k if for nothing more than convenience.

    I'd like to have a 2 stone set-up for basic sharpening and maintenance. The 4k soaker or 5k-6k splash-n-go would probably give me what I want in a finishing stone for kitchen work.

    Care to post any pics of the your knives after sharpening on these stones? Any more feedback as you use these stones more is appreciated! Cheers! mpp

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