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Thread: NYC Trip

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    Besides the big guys here in the city, I went here not to long ago. solid meal and was a lot of fun sitting in the back at the Chefs table.

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    Last time I planned to go to NYC was to watch the Yankees play their last season in the old stadium - never got there
    Now this thread has me wanting to go there for food

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andrew H View Post
    I think EMP is the best in New York right now, I also think both Daniel and Le Bernardin are better than Per Se. The most interesting food is probably at wd-50.
    Many people adore EMP and I have a lot of goodwill towards the place, but the last time I ate there, I was disappointed by how safe (even slightly boring) the food was. I was excited by the new (well, not so new anymore) menu system, thinking it would really give the kitchen a chance to show off what it could do, but even though I specifically gave them free reign and said that I liked adventurous flavor pairings, I ended up with dishes like a plate of tagliatelle with crab and meyer lemon. Le Bernardin is good (though on the evidence of my last meal there, only their pastry chef seems to be really pushing himself). I find Daniel to be appallingly mediocre in both the conception and execution of their dishes. And while I very much enjoy modernist cooking at its best (and think Alinea is the best restaurant in the country), I've never had a great meal at wd-50.

    When it comes down to it, I guess it can be very difficult to compare opinions about high-end restaurants. Only very few people make the rounds frequently enough to gauge an accurate average of good/bad nights and good/bad dishes. Even somewhere like JG where so many dishes never change, the same dish has totally wowed me one time, but the next time has been slightly less amazing enough that I wouldn't have ordered it again had I not had the other experience.

    What shouldn't change at all, though, is the service, and PS is the only restaurant in the city where every single time I've been there, it's felt like a special experience because the service was so impeccably and telepathically excellent.

    Quote Originally Posted by eto View Post
    Besides the big guys here in the city, I went here not to long ago. solid meal and was a lot of fun sitting in the back at the Chefs table.
    I really like Hecho en Dumbo too. Their "comida corrida" is great (though it was better when it was $10).

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    I ate at a place in Chelsea called Nuela. It was recommended by a friend of mine and i was blown away. We tried quite a few different dishes and all of them were fantastic.


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    So how much weight did you gain on your trip?

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