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Thread: Yaxell Ran chef knife 8 inch #36000 review

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    OK so it is a different point of reference then. For me a 200-210 mm is considered light at around 150-160 g, and 200 g is not super heavy, but at the point where I would consider the knife has a bit of heft. Hope you enjoy your new Ran knife!

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    Man, for about that price you could get some much nicer knives.

    actually named Mike

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    IMO, if you're gonna buy a Yaxell VG-10 core knife, buy either a Zen or Tsuchimon. The fit and finish is just as good as the Ran line, for about 1/2 the $, you just get fewer layers. Yaxell's heat treat on VG-10 is as good as it gets. My sharpest VG-10 knives are Yaxell.
    If you like carbon steel, Yaxell makes some very nice, very traditional blades at a very reasonable price. I have a 6" Yaxell Blue #2 santoku, and I can get it sharper by far than any other knife I own.
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