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Thread: Pimp My Victorinox 2

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    Pimp My Victorinox 2

    Please, read this first.

    I made it as I did not to make this rubbish knife feel better. It will stay shite until forever, but somehow the woodwork makes me calm and meditative, just like sharpening.

    The purpose was one, practising handle making and first steel-belt sander contact.
    Yeah and after, budda knows how many, years of service previous handle was ugly and stinky
    Sanding went wrong and I made few overgrinds while thinning blade road, but basically that is why i even started.

    To learn and destroy

    Handle is two cheapest hardwoods I could buy, it costed me around five bucks altogether?

    And this way I made 230mm victorinox kiritsuke wa gyuto
    It even sounds shite

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    Moved to Oslo yet?
    How does it preform now?

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    Once again, nice work!

    Take a look around at:

    Email me at:

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    Coolest "budget" knife ever!. Really like the profile. FWIW I wouldn't call a Victorinox "shite" - decent stainless, if a little soft, very easy to sharpen. Thin and cut pretty well imo.

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    Nice victorinox, very pimp

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    Haha. I didn't see that one coming. Cool grind and nice work.


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    Cheers guys,

    Oivind, still hanging around TRD for a next 14 days. But counting by the hours
    The performance rose up, unfortunately I havent finished sides with fine papers yet so it catches food more than normally which drives me nuts.
    Other than that I sharpened it including jnat from Maksim and my grandfather and it definitely was sharp.

    Tim, unfortunately I call it shite because I like sharp, but I like even more when sharp sticks with me And I cannot say really sharp edge stays on Victorinox, which would be nice since I am crazy about it and only laser-sharp will do.

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    I meant I sharpened it with stone my grandpapps owned, not on him

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    Nice work!
    “I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.”

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    Very nice! Did you thin the blade at all?

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