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Thread: rag on foh thread

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    One I see all the time - function 2nd course food takes 20 mins to cook, FOH tells us they will be ready for next course in 5 mins...

    Quote Originally Posted by GorillaGrunt View Post
    Get a ticket. Fire ticket as printed. Waitress comes running in to tell expo it’s entered wrong. Begin refire. Look at ticket - notice it’s her shift meal. “You rang in your own f_____g food wrong??”
    She changed her mind on what she wanted to eat after punching it through, 100%.

    The best of the FOH is when they have to clear the beer taps at the bar, many many free pints of beer come to us in the BOH and all animosity is forgotten.

    There's a bird on your shoulder.

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    i once made the employee meal that was rung in middle of rush, when she came to pick it up she complained that it took so long so i took the plate waved it in her face and threw it straight into the trash. i took her out for drinks later that night

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