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Thread: Fresh WASABI.

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    Maybe steeley lives in a parallel universe San Diego and bought it there?

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    maybe try Nijiya market on convoy.
    A clever cook can make good meat of a whetstone.” Erasmus

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    LOL. Did you ever see the Ren and Stimpy episode called "Space Madness" where their spaceship entered a parallel universe and they discovered an Everest sized mountain of lost left socks?
    Quote Originally Posted by steeley View Post

    maybe try Nijiya market on convoy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ******* View Post
    Your local food peddler can surprise you on occasion. A couple of times a year, usually around the holidays, my local Publix supermarket gets a shipment of a couple of boxes of real live prime beef, usually a couple of standing ribs roasts and their evil single serving spawn, the bone-in ribeye. A good time is had by all.
    During grilling season in NJ my local Costco carries prime beef all the time. I just portioned up a prime ribeye subprimal this morning. It cost about twice the price as Choice but it's worth every penny.

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