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Thread: Help to Design a Forum Knife!

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    Cool Help to Design a Forum Knife!

    Hi folks, I'm hoping that I can get some input on a knife design made from YOUR collective minds. As we've seen in the past, forum groups can come up with some great ideas that meet the demands of many.

    So my questions (to start off with anyway) are what knife type, steel, handle configuration, and handle material would you go with for your perfect knife?

    Drawings, pictures, etc are all welcome to help illustrate your ideas.

    Let's see what you can come up with for me to make, it's an open slate so please speak up!


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    There have been several of these in the past, and personally I'd like something a little different. Maybe a go at a single bevel knife? I'd love to see a forum designed deba. I guess the problem is we'd be needing a stock removal as opposed to forged knife, and I don't know if you can get the kind of laminated steel you need for traditional knives via stock removal. It would be cool though.

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    I would like a classic french profile with a thin, concave grind. I would like the steel to be DC53. I would like a stabilized wood handle.

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    If I had my way, a carbon steel scimitar on Devin's pattern.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jim View Post
    If I had my way, a carbon steel scimitar on Devin's pattern.
    If Dave starts making knives in Devin's feather pattern damascus, I might just as well start a direct deposit to him.

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    There seems to be some interest in the Tojiro boning knife at present, and with so few options something in that direction might be appealing.
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    Man are we all over the place or what?

    Keep the ideas flowing though guys, I'm open to try almost anything.

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    Dave, is a single bevel traditional knife even possible? I've often wondered why we have a lot of solid steel options in the western knives (like konosuke, etc.), but not for traditional knives, other than the forged honyaki knives. Would it be possible to do say a mioroshi deba in solid white #2 or something like that, stock removal and normal heat treat, no mizu hamon line, etc., maybe keeping the hardness down a little to help with brittleness? I don't even know if I'd want a knife like that, but I have often wondered why the option isn't there. Surely if one can make a solid suji 300+ long and Konosuke thin then you could do the same thing with a deba or yanagi. Maybe not?

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