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    New Petty

    I finally had a few minutes out in the garage and got some progress on my petty. I have the handle sanded to 1000 grit so far and the blade to 600. this is a test blade for me to use in my kitchen, so i doubt i will take the blade higher than 1000 grit. I made this as a beat up knife for me to see what i can do with it. I plan to abuse the hell out of it.
    Handle is 130mm my first stick wa handle.
    Blade is 143mm with a 130mm edge
    height is 31mm
    Spine is 2mm at heel 1.2 mm half way down and .5mm one inch from the tip. 2mm behind the edge is .012 so i may need to refine the grind a touch to thin it just a little bit....use will tell.
    This is partially ground, hope that helps explain the girth at the spine. I will get better pictures tonight after i buff the handle.

    Sorry for the crappy pics....Finally fixed my camera, but it needs to charge for a while

    Comments, critiques, any thing short of throwing food is welcome

    Thanks for looking

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    I like it. How a couple of more shots?

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    As soon as i get out of work and get to buff the handle, i will get a few more shots of it. Then...I start the abuse

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    Looking great Mike! What kind of materials did you use? Nice lines...

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    Blade is O-1, handle is redwood burl with an african blackwood bolster. I made this as a tester for me so i was a lot less concerned with the fit and finish of it. I just did some more sanding on the handle, and realized i ground the handle a smidge crooked....Wa's are a pita lol. I thought i had to work today, forgot it is monday lol. I have a dentist appt in a few minutes, after that i will get the handle reground and polished, then i will post some good pics. I did a few test cuts with it...sharpened on a 400 grit dull belt lol, and it has a lot of power for a small knife....maybe one day i will learn how to sharpen a knife lol.

    Thanks for the comments....Bring it on! I can handle anything....well....Some of you guys are kinda twisted.....

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    If the food throwing included smoked ribs, would that be OK?

    The knife looks pretty sweet. Did you attach the two handle pieces with hidden pins?
    Tom Gray, Seagrove, NC

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    I like the shape of the blade. It looks like it will be very useful.
    Spike C
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    Quote Originally Posted by tgraypots View Post
    If the food throwing included smoked ribs, would that be OK?

    The knife looks pretty sweet. Did you attach the two handle pieces with hidden pins?
    Ribs....Ok you found my sweet spot, throw all the ribs at me you want
    Yes i used two hidden pins, one per side. 1/16 SS pins about 3/8 in total length. I am off to buff and polish Then i will put a good edge on it and put it to use!

    Thanks for the kind words guys


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    That looks great!! Have you thought about putting a sharper taper on the Wa ?

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    Everything.. handle, blade, profile, looks great to me

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