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    Love it Mike, cute petty.

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    Man, it's getti g really hard to keep up with all the good stuff on this forum, I almost missed this one. Looks great, like a very useful knife. I always have a hard time with petty handles - should they be only shorter or slso a bit thinner when the blade is shorter and thinner? Yours looks well made but a bit long for my taste. Bit if it's comfortable for you, that's all it needs to be.


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    Thanks Stefan. The handle is a 130mm, and the blade is a 135...ish lol. I think the blade is a touch on the small side, i have a 150 in the works right now, and then i think it will look a little more balanced lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by raisedbybrocks View Post
    Love it Mike, cute petty.
    HAHAHA! Love it, thanks I have abused the hell out of this knife over the last 2 weeks....Holding up great! Edge holds really well, smell is gone and it is almost purple lol. Patinas really fast when cutting meats.Was going to do a forced patina, but i think that this is looking pretty cool on its own.

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    Oops, forgot the picture lol

    Still going strong! The edge retention on this actually surprised me, which is a good thing

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    Looking good, that patina is turning out nicely!

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