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Thread: Hiromoto AS Sujihiki Thin & Etch

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave Martell View Post
    Yeah I saw that, but that's a factory boo-boo. I considered trying to deal with it but I think that if I removed more on that side I'd have had an issue for sure.
    Quote Originally Posted by tk59 View Post
    How so? Just curious.

    The left side came almost flat with only the slightest bevel but even so I ground off a good amount of cladding all the way down to the edge bevel nearly disappeared. If I pushed any further at the edge I'm pretty sure I would have blown through it creating that stupid hole we all hate. The edge is just so thin that I don;t think anymore could safely be removed.

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    that looks awesome! if the group buy hasn't sold out yet, i bet it will now!

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    Yeah, that sucks about the cladding, You'd have to shorten the knife and move the profile up to remove it, and God only knows how far up that goes!

    Etching is cool. Does it stay though?

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    great looking etching job Dave, now just wait to see how it slice through things .

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    Quote Originally Posted by johndoughy View Post

    Etching is cool. Does it stay though?

    Oh yeah it'll stay put for sure although the edge may change in appearance based on how it's used.

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    Quote Originally Posted by riverie View Post
    great looking etching job Dave, now just wait to see how it slice through things .

    Glad you like it Rio, I hope it serves you well.

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    Great looking knife!

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    As you all know these are my favorite knives hands down, Dave you really made that one look great You may end up having to go with a more centered bevel if that cladding there is at the bevel, save what you can from this knife even if you don't get the near 100/0 bevel.

    I always watch with interest at what your dooing with the Hiromoto AS knives

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    Nice job on the weight reduction! It seems like a crap shoot what you are going to uncover when you thin these.

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    Yeah it's true. The cladding on the left side was all over the edge and I ground most of it off of the edge except for that one part that I couldn't get. I can't always fix the problems the factory builds into knives but I try.

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