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Thread: MAC Knives

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    It looks like it is white steel with stainless cladding. However, with a single beveled knife that doesn't make a ton of sense since the bevel is massive. Therefore is the very top part of the blade above the bevel stainless? It sounds very odd to me and I don't understand why you would need a clad yanagi

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    Almost all yanagis are clad to save on manufacturing work, I presume. Why you'd want to use iron rather than stainless steel seems odd to me. I'd never use iron on anything if I had a choice.

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    I ended up buying the following, i wanted the Yanagi but also something heavier to match my Kikuchi Gyuto's, i ended up with this one because the handle just felt so much better, is it wrong to buy a knife based on how the handle feels ?. So i now have the 2 knives below, a 9.5 inch and 6 inch Kikuchi hammered Damascus and a 3 inch MAC Damascus paring knife. I didnt expect to but im really starting to like the MAC range, they are not the prettiest superficially but they just seem to fit my hands and balance so well. To complete my set I will ultimately add a serrated MAC and im thinking that im not done with Gyuto's and might end up with the MAC Ultimate as well.

    Not sure if these are the best value choices but one of the things im picking up on very quickly is that you should never buy a knife based on looks, you have to pick it up and feel it to decide if it works.


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    My love for Jknives started with Mac. Although, now I use my Macs exclusively at home, and have higher ended knives at work, I still think they are terrific.

    The best part of a Mac is that its already ground steep and thin for best performance, making it highly usable OOTB. And, the edge is simple to maintain and responds very well to ceramic rods.

    In all, its a great start! Keep using 'em, and checking in on the forums, and in a couple of years, you'll surely own a few more great knives!
    The difference between try and triumph is a little "umph"! NO EXCUSES!!!!!!!

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    I have a MAC 9 1/2 chef's knife I thinned out (MBK-95) and I have been extremely pleased with it.

    Tom Gray, Seagrove, NC

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