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Thread: Travel knife?

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    is it so wrong that i just reach into one of my knife drawers and just grab whatever ... its usually a wa-gyuto in the 210-270mm size

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    i suppose you're asking if it's wrong for you to rub it in

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    For international trips, I take a Kiwi santoku ($6) and Kuhn-Rikon parer w/ sheath ($10) in case the damn things get confiscated by customs. For domestic trips, I pack my Masahiro MV-series 210mm gyuto which has excellent edge retention and plenty of knuckle-clearance, and the Kuhn-Rikon parer.

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    3" Kershaw Leek straight edge folder. Only thing it sucks at is slicing big loaves of bread, and bread is better when you tear it apart anyways.

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    I keep a Tosagata Satsumabocho that I got from JWW years ago along with a Forschner 6" boning, a small serrated parer, and an ancient Lamson 10" chefs knife rolled up in a towel especially for those spur of the moment road trips.

    And a Gerber Mk II, just in case.
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