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Thread: BackOrder Sale - All U Need Strop Kit

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    BackOrder Sale - All U Need Strop Kit

    I've mentioned that I will be having to raise the pricing on this kit when the new stock arrives. At the moment we're holding longer than expected for the felt components to show from India and because of the amount of requests for the product I've decided to extend the sale price during this time.

    We're listing the kits for sale at the old pricing if backordered.

    Delivery shouuld be 2-3 weeks - tops.

    See All U Need Strop Kit for details.

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    We're still waiting on some of the components to come to us so the sale continues!

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    hey dave! is it still possible to get in on the back order of your strop kit? not worried so much about the price, as just getting my hands on one thanks!

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    Hi Zach,
    Yes I can take two more orders before having to make you wait even longer. If you'd like I could send you a Paypal invoice?


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    yes please!!!! thanks!!

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    How to get in on this? I see on your site it can't be added to a cart as back-order.... or is it just too late anyway?

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    I'm trying to figure out what to do with this...I'll get back to you guys.

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    I'm hesitant to take any more orders on this product until I know for sure that the leather being supplied is good to go. I know that there's a lot of people interested at this point and I'm sorry about not being able to take your orders at this time.

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    Thanks for the update Dave.
    Having never stropped before (shame) how many stropping sessions would you expect the kit to last, and what would need replacing first?

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    It'll last forever, or close to it.

    The first thing that'll wear out or need replacing will be the felt block since that'll get cut into a lot but even at a crazy rate of sharpening it could be a year to years before that needs replacing. Usually leather gets nicked and needs replacing often with a strop but if the new leather pad is anything like the old one it'll last a very long time as the old leather was extremely nick resistant, actually the best I've used in this regard. The felt pad is super dense and won;t easily fluff or break down although you have to keep drops of water away from it as water will reconstitute the felt so to speak and you'll have quite a lump in the pad but otherwise it doesn't wear much. The diamond spray should last for longer than I can imagine.

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