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Thread: Sharpening Class - Oct 8, 2011

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    Sharpening Class - Oct 8, 2011

    After much wrangling with schedules we've finally decided on a date that hopefully works. Our next sharpening class will be held on Sat, Oct 8th

    Please see Japanese Knife Sharpening Class for details and registration information.

    I hope to see you there!


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    Cmon guys, let's get signed up. I'm already in and if you don't help me fill the class, then I can't come down from Canada!

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    Man, I looked up driving times and even dropped by a few airlines' sites to see if I could make it to the class. Unfortunately, I can't make it.

    Dave, I wonder what it would take to entice you up across the border for a few classes

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    This class is definitely on even though there's only 2 people signed up so far. One of these guys is coming all the way from Canada so I'm holding it no matter what. I hope to see a couple more people sign up but if not we'll just have a small class this time around.

    PS - This will be the last class held until at least the spring time.

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    I'm a "very probable" on this one! Will know very shortly

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    Quote Originally Posted by echerub View Post
    I'm a "very probable" on this one! Will know very shortly

    That'd be great Len!

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    *muttering: where is my passport? where is my passport? where the heck did I put it?* Looks like I'm almost definitely gonna be able to make it Looking forward to signing up later this evening!

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    Len, that's awesome! I'm really looking forward to meeting you.

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