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Thread: IKAZUCHI AS 210mm fron JKI

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    Quote Originally Posted by KrutoyNozh View Post
    I have the 240mm Ikazuchi and it's been an amazing knife so far; some cucumbers have had their way with the core steel, and there it now sports a mild patina. For the handle and saya, I've used the JKI saya and handle wax. It's been wonderful for this and all of my other knives, and adds a noticeably darker, richer color--which I really appreciate--in addition to whatever its protective qualities may be. So a huge thumbs up (albeit from a novice!) on both the knife and the wax.
    I've had mine for a few months now. It's my first j knife and like it. Tomatoes seem to be a minor challenge but the performance there is directly related to my sharpening.

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    Quote Originally Posted by augerpro View Post
    I imagine the ho wood handle helps tilt the balance forward which IMHO helps with momentum chopping. So bottom line, more weight than a laser, but a thin grind that performs well, and good steel and price? So if you don't need a weighty knife for chopping, a pretty fantastic knife at the price?
    Quote Originally Posted by Castalia View Post
    My 240mm Ikazuchi gyuto is 135 g. In comparison I just weighed my shigefusa 210mm gyuto and it was 172g.

    I have an Ikazuchi 240mm and it's the lightest gyuto I own, but the balance is so much farther forward of where I'd normally grip that it really does give the knife a good weighty feel on the cutting board. Mine comes in at around 144 grams on my (cheap) postal scale. Mine also measures a bit longer than some other 240's. The length of the edge is about 1/4" longer than the edge on my Tanaka 240 and almost 3/4" longer than on my Gesshin Uraku W#2 240 (which seems to run a little short itself).

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