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Thread: Still kickin' - and pics to prove it

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    Still kickin' - and pics to prove it

    Hi, the older ones among you may remember me: My name is Stefan, and I used to make knife handles, occasionally. In fact, some of you may have grown very old while waiting for a handle from me... Don't want to bore you with my life story - the short version is: It sucks but is better than 2 years ago - but I just did not find a way to making woodworking a priority with everything else going on. But recently I have been getting back a bit - last but not least because Keith (keithsaltydog) has been kicking my butt for which I am very thankful. So, I still have a long way to go, but at least there is a little bit of movement. Just wanted to send a sign of life and some proof that I made it into the shop. These pictures are all of handles that had been ordered a loooong time ago - to the point that I will now contact people in the next couple of days to find out whether they are still interested. In the meantime, a few others have started making handles, and I can blame nobody if they checked in with these guys who do excellent work. In fact, most of mine will almost look a bit simplistic compared to others you may have seen here recently. Anyway, If you think you see yours, send me a PM, but I will also contact everyone over the next few days. These are phone pics, so the colors may not be 100% but you get the idea. Tbc. soon.Thanks,


    2-tone amboyna, D-shape

    Small petty handle, redwood burl & Hawaiian signature wood

    Bog oak, horn, nickel silver

    koa and marbled horn - mine, all mine

    figured African blackwood & Hawaiian signature wood

    koa & spalted myrtle burl

    Spalted Hawaiian Norfolk pine & marbled horn

    Belize rosewood & horn

    koa & spalted maple (I think...)

    Spalted Norfolk pine & blackwood, similar to Marko's style

    pre-WWII bakelite, horn, nickel silver

    premium amboyna burl & marbled horn, D-shape

    amboyna burl, bog oak, reconst. malachite, oval shape

    thuya burl & horn

    amboyna burl, horn, nickel silver, a la Marko

    koa, horn, nickel silver

    desert ironwood burl, horn, bakelite spacer

    Honduran rosewood burl & blackwood

    Hawaiian signature wood & rosewood burl

    myrtle burl & horn

    spalted Hawaiian Norfolk pine & horn

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    Everyone a masterpiece. Honestly you may mÔke thÚ Moost colerful and expressive handles in the world, Nothomg looks over the top. Just pure class.

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    Hot damn! Nice to see you back in the saddle again Stefan!!!

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    Oh yeah! Nice to see you back in the saddle! BTW, that marbled horn looks great in every combination.
    once in a while you get shown the light, in the strangest of places if you look at it right

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    Digging the norfolk pine

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    Oh man, Stefan I'm so going to hop over to Oahu one night, bust into your shop, and steal your entire stash of signature wood, and marbled horn, oh, can't forget the Norfolk pine, and that myrtle wood (such nice color)...damn, I'm going to need to check a bag on the way back . As always, beautiful work Bro. Haole handle makers ROCK!

    A hui hou,
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    Great to see you back in action!

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    Stefan, these are ALL mine, aren't they?!

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    For those of you that may not be familiar with Stefan's work, it is absolutely first rate.
    I have 8 Stefan handles (down from 11), some of them from when he was first starting out. All kinds of material combinations; some exotic woods, horn, metals, abalone shell, mammoth tooth, etc. Not one of them ever came apart or had the materials shift or lost their color. Two have outlasted their host blades, and all of them have seen commercial kitchen action; they're not 'drawer queens'.

    Welcome back Big Guy!!!!
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    Wow!! That premium amboyna is the nicest I have ever seen. All the handles look really, really nice.

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