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Thread: recs on a stain resistant gyutou and petty

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    Thanks so much For the tips. so many knives to little time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ucmd View Post
    Thanks so much For the tips. so many knives to little time.
    Uh oh. The bug has hit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tk59 View Post
    I would go with Gesshin/Ashi at Japanese Knife Imports (Jon is great to work with).
    Quote Originally Posted by obtuse View Post
    +1 go with the ashi, gesshin ginga.
    I'm very pleased with my recent acquisition of an Ashi 150mm petty. Even though it's the standard line, it's a pleasure to sharpen and a superb value. Edge retention is no problem because it rarely hits the cutting board, and never with any force. F&F is really fantastic (though no rounded choil/spine). If budget is at all a concern, I'd opt for the cheaper, non-Gesshin petty and put the $45 towards the gyuto.

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    Tanaka's blue#2 150-160mm wa-petty is freakin' wonderful; real sharp OOTB, exceedingly thin and not very reactive.

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