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Thread: Victorinox let me down a bit...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vertigo View Post
    Just cuz a Geo Metro will get you to work doesn't mean you don't prefer taking a a Ferrari.

    That's gold right there.

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    I wish we used Victorinox when I was working at the butcher shop. We only had thick, hollow ground Nella knives. They were pretty terrible, but did the trick with a good agressive steel.

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    Once upon a time I tried to sell meat packing knives to butchers. Mostly because everyone sold Victorinox I reped the other brands, F. Dick, Russell-Harrington, Frosts of Sweden, and a couple of lesser known names. Total waste of time, the only knives the butchers wanted were Victorinox and I went under. I've used my share of Victorinox since then and I have no complaints.

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    so wait, you're saying that a knife you yourself said was mistreated sucks? well, isnt that true for ANY knife? especially with running it through a dishwasher. the blade gets scuffed so food sticks, it gets heated up and loses its temper (haha), and gets rattled around into other knives and goes dull. at a Country Club i worked at they had Bucci foodservice knives, but had rosewood handles and never saw a dishwasher. i liked those knives. i liked them alot. not great edge life, but it was a $12 knife.

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