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Thread: how do you prevent warping

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    This is a basic HT schedule for all steels (blanks are cut out of sheets, not forged. Shallow hardening steels need to be pre-ground on the edge, while deep hardening don't)

    - Bring your blank to the temperature you are heat treating at (also called austenitising temperature)
    - Soak at that temp for how long is required
    - Quench (oil, water, plate, air-cool)
    - Cryo
    - Temper

    For temperature and soaking time it is useful to read steel data sheets or talk to manufacturer. It is also useful to heat treat and measure hardness to see how close you are to the manufacturer's data. You might have to adjust temp on you oven, soaking time or both.

    Since you are in Sweden, calling manufacturer and discussing heat treatment sounds like a logical step, especially if you are new to this.


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    Got it! Brilliant thanks!

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