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Thread: Soft Naturals speed test !

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    Soft Naturals speed test !

    I made some "soft" Natural stones test
    Soft naturals is usually super nice for Knifes and make very good haze finish that we all like on Kasumi knifes !
    But they work very good on westerns too because speed is bit higher on those.
    In the video:
    Takashima lv 2, Hakka lv 2,5 , Kizuyama lv 3 (it is bit harder then the rest) , Ohira suita lv 2, Ozuku lv 2,5, Hideriyama lv 2,5, Hideriyama range suita lv 2,5

    Here you go:

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    Beautiful finish. That Range Suita is gigantic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by johndoughy View Post
    Beautiful finish. That Range Suita is gigantic.

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    Those Hideriyamas are huge !!! And surprisingly fast and very fine. The last one is most special one it looks bit yellow in the video but its more of white stone.

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    Would you say the finish was about the same for all of them? What is your blade made out of? Do you notice a difference in speed when focusing on the hagane/edge?

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    I think the finest of these stones was Kizuyama lv 3 and Ozuku, but really not that much !
    But for speed Range suita nd other Hideriyama was winers
    I have used it on Blue 2 steel in the video.
    But i have also tested them on Honyaki, speed was the same as on kasumi blades.

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