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Thread: The steak knife

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    Considering there are places that give you a choice of what pen you sign the bill with, I would assume so.

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    My place must be high end... We offer two choices of pens...

    Blue Bic or black Bic

    Sometimes purple sneaks in there, but it gets lifted often.

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    pocket steak knife

    This one is great for steak (or any other meat that needs cutting).

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    For some unknown reason, my photos get reduced to thumbnails. Sorry about that.

    If you reach the age of 60 without becoming a curmudgeon, you haven't been paying attention.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ******* View Post
    Aren't there some high end steak houses that are now giving customers their choice of decent steak knives to use?
    When I was at Barclay Prime (Philly) they did this. They brought out 4 diff knives: Shun, Global, Henckels and Wustof I think. Kinda pointless since the wagyu beef melted in your mouth but it is a showmanship thing I guess to impress people.

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