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Thread: Sharpening a Nakiri

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    Make sure the knife is straight, your stones are flat and hope the peaks & valleys aren’t too extensive. I like to mark the area ( ½ inch or so up from - to the edge) with a sharpie, so I know what’s going on. Try not to remove any more metal than necessary, just enough to create a even bevel and take out any gaps along the edge. A jig system or powered something would make it easier, but it wouldn't be as fun as freehanding against a rock.

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    Quote Originally Posted by l r harner View Post
    i was jsut thinking how it woudl be a snap on the KMG but depending on how wavy it miight not work out well in the end
    If you run it so that the edge is in line with the belt it will fix up that wavy edge - I have used this technique on several knives which had been 'over-steeled' to the stage that they were starting to look like kukris. Just make sure the blade doesn't heat up

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