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Thread: Interesting chat with head chef

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    haha i didnt expect this when i clicked to read this title.
    i dont often respect cooks or chefs that arent glorified dishwashers. in fact i enjoy throwing it in the face of chefs/cooks that create messes only to have the "help" clean it up.
    if you dont respect the dishwasher though how can you be a good cook. you may have good features but you will never have my respect nor the respect of those around you.
    i usually put it this way to new people to the kitchen.... i like working in a clean kitchen so in turn i clean.... to the knife people id say i like using a sharp knife so in turn i sharpen.
    lots of people pretend they can hide things or deceive you while standing right next to you.
    "you didnt notice i used a dirty knife to cut these two different proteins for the salad".... well truth be told i notice you were to lazy to keep a wet towel in the first place much less whip anything between different proteins from the board to the knife. call someone out and its blah blah we were busy and this or that was being yelled about so i got it out.
    many other directions i could poke at but im tryin to keep some context.
    my end point is understanding the kitchen means not only respecting the dishwasher but understanding the importance of a great dishwasher to the point of losing your mind more over your main dishwasher leaving then your grill guy.

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    The way I see it, sh*t rolls downhill, and there's only 2 sides of that hill--the customer and the dishwasher. He ends up being the foundation of the kitchen.

    I knew a guy in Austin whose chef carried his dishwasher with him. If you hire him, they come as a pair. His dishwasher got paid like $15/hr under the table and was always getting special food. If you fire the dishwasher, the chef leaves. Seems like a badass pair to me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Salty dog View Post
    Bring it!

    Think about the D-dub that's busting his a$$ all night long and barely hanging on. The servers are SCREAMING for silverware. It's the last f0cking thing he wants to do because it will put him in the weeds big time.......

    When he slides the flat rack out of the juke box and gets ready to sort, you step up next to him and pull that $hit out of your ass.

    Tell me that doesn't make an impression.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Salty dog View Post
    Bring it!

    Mad!! I thought I was a pretty good d/w. Not! I'm sticking to cooking!
    Bert M.

    Why?! Because footballs don't have wheels!

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