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Thread: Throwaway blades?

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    Throwaway blades?

    Just wondering, does anyone of you ever throw messed-up blades away? I'm just looking for a few knife-shaped pieces that I can have next to my handles so that people get a better idea about the size. I would want to grind the tang to a thin stick so I can stick any size wa handle on, it's just for scale really. Something like 240-270ish gyuto, maybe a petty and a slicer shape. Before I whittle something out of aluminum foil or thin sheet metal, I thought I'd ask... It would never be used as a knife or sold.



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    I have some .100 aluminum, i could profile you out some blade shapes. Shoot me your info, the specifics you want and i can get them cut out tonight.

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    Check jmf's dumpster.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SpikeC View Post
    Check jmf's dumpster.

    He might have a Yanagi for you soon. He'll be a master bladesmith in a year at this rate.

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