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Thread: Earthquake in PA

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    Earthquake in PA

    Anyone in the mid-Atlantic states feel the Virginia earthquake this afternoon?

    We got a 30-45 sec shaking, pictures rocking on the walls and cast iron pans swinging a bit.

    First one this guy has ever felt and hope it's the last. That's a west coast thing that they can keep.

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    I had it for 20 seconds here and I thought it was the wind, but the trees weren't swaying. I didn't find out until around an hour later when my wife asked if I felt the earthquake. First one for me as well.

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    I'm 40 miles from Rich mond (damn filter Dave), the building I was in swayed like there was no tomorrow.

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    Crazy sh$t... I hope Nothing at your house was damaged. I've never felt one myself, not much fun I imagine.

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    Felt it pretty good around here. I was at a meeting in a 5-sided building where, uhm, you kinda worry when something shakes the building.

    I hit a nearby stairwell and got out before the masses. Retrieved my car froma nearby garage and made it back to the house before the massive traffic jam hit. Luckily my wife was telecommuting today, or she probably would not have made it home until the middle of the night.

    We had a few things fall in the house, but all the cutting boards, knives, spoons and fish tongs are safe
    David (WildBoar's Kitchen)

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    I looked over at the knives hanging on the wall and I was ready to jump.

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    laura almast had a heart attack.....she could barely stand from the shaking....whole house was shakin!!!!!!!!!!!!......ryan

    viva la revolucion !

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    Felt it up here north of the border. I got tasked on digging up more info about the quake at work immediately after - turns out this thing was felt wide and far thanks to (a) the significant magnitude of this for an east-coaster, and (b) the lovely solid bedrock we're sitting on that transmits the vibrations really well.

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    ******** Va was rockin'. Scared the @#$ out of my girlfriend, I was just hoping it wouldn't get ant worse......weird for sure!

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