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Thread: need help finding an edc

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    Thanks to everyone who has responded so far, some really good suggestions! The Caly super blue would be perfect if it were smaller, but it is just a bit more than I want in my pocket. All that I can find reference to is the 3.5.
    I'm a little bit intrigued by the Al Mar Osprey.
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    Better than titanium, though, right? It definitely serves its purpose, but I think that some people got a bit overexcited over it when the bigger makers started selling H1 knives. There are a goodly number of salt water fishermen who love the H1 "oh sh*t" knives and line cutters that you hang on your belt, but that is an application where it is going to get wet and salty all of the time.
    Quote Originally Posted by ColinCB View Post
    A comment on H1.

    The edge retention is decent, but isn't great. You will need to sharpen it more than other knives, however the edge can be razor sharp. H1 is best for corrosive environments. I have a Spyderco Atlantic Salt and the corrosion resistance is amazing. Left it outside in in humid and sunny weather with SW misting everywhere for near a week and it only had a tiny bit of rust where the laser etching was done. It's a known "problem," however the rust wiped off with very little effort.

    Here's an extreme example: Left in a container of chlorine tablets.


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    Quote Originally Posted by SpikeC View Post
    I'm a little bit intrigued by the Al Mar Osprey.
    I had an Al Mar Osprey years ago, but lost it. Nice little knife.

    Current EDC is a Kershaw #1600 Chive. Just under 3" closed - 2" blade. Takes a decent edge. I love the one hand operation.
    Should fit your size criteria.


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