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Thread: Hello from PA

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    Hello from PA

    Hey folks, my name is Rob but everybody calls me Deker. I made my first knife about 5 years ago and my production has been low, but I keep at it when I can. Recently I've been making more damascus than knives, but I'm hoping to shift back the other direction for a bit soon.

    Thanks for the new forum Dave, like I needed someplace else to spend my time that's not in the shop


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    Welcome Deker!

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    hey there Decker, hows it been going for ya

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    Hey Decker, you must be pretty close to Butch.

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    Quote Originally Posted by UnConundrum View Post
    Hey Decker, you must be pretty close to Butch.

    Probably too close Knuck-knuck

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    Hey Rob, good to see you here!

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    Hi, Deker.

    Can you post any pics of your knives and damascus? There's never enough of them!


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    Yeah, pics or it didn't happen.
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    Thanks for the welcome wagon guys! Butch is actually about 10 minutes from me, so I get to see a lot of stuff before you guys do

    I haven't been making many knives recently, so I'll trot out some old pictures from the archives.

    First was from my very first billet of Damascus.

    Something a little different I did with some Gemsbok horn.

    A bowie I did a while back

    I've got a website where I discuss the way I go about making my damascus for anybody who wants to learn about the process. I'm a little behind in my adding info to the site, but I hope to get back on adding content soon.

    See you guys around the forum!


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