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Thread: deBuyer frying pans

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    Yup, can the Crisco...I have been using grapeseed oil with great sucess. Just heat it up, put some oil in the pan, cool it down and repeat. Then use it every day and you will have a solid seasoning in no time, just add a little grapeseed oil and heat after each use.

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    I kept the receipt and can return the unopened can of that Leave-it-to-Beaver-era mystery-sludge.

    Confession time - I've used EVOO for years exclusively for "seasoning" my Lodge cast iron pans.
    I know EVOO is not a high temp fat but, Hell, I ain't croaked yet.
    I don't know; perhaps a superior non-stick coating has eluded me but ignorance is pretty bliss.

    Grape seed oil?
    I HAVE seen that at the markets.
    Why is that good? IOW is high temp tolerance the main goal when choosing a fat for seasoning pans?
    IOW again, if you season it with a fat that tolerates the highest temps the pan will ever see is that seasoning more bulletproof?

    Yeah, in a few weeks the butchers are cutting out my prostate.
    Hopefully all the ickies have not migrated elsewhere yet.
    I wonder if I can ask them to use my Konosukes Whites.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Edgy Guy View Post
    The ONLY fat I ever use for anything is EVOO.
    I have cancer and am very careful about which fats I consume so I can stay alive longer.
    Hi There,

    I would suggest you look into and start using "Rice Bran Oil". It is a very healthy oil, contains goodies like vitamin E, has one of the highest smoke points, even higher than peanut oil, and really is tasteless so it doesn't add any flavor to what you are using it for. It is extracted from the bran of brown rice.

    I first started buying it on the net, actually Amazon, but now I have found it a my local Asian market.

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    Where can one buy the "Force Blue" line? It doesn't seem to be easy to find for sale

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