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Thread: "Forged in Fire"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mucho Bocho View Post
    You certainly have more experience than most of at pushing the limits of kitchen knives "intended" uses. How's your kit, is it all straightened out? ;-)
    grumble grumble... yeah somewhat :P

    Blue skies over bad lands

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    Don't know when it aired in the States but Season 4 just started airing on Foxtel in Australia.

    Never watched the show before but just watched Episode 1. Mareko is back....and this time, its personal.

    I take on board the earlier comments from the professional smiths amongst us. Even to me some parts of the show seem a bit gimmicky and I guess if you know what you are talking about then this would be even more pronounced. But I have zero knowledge or experience of smithing so for me seeing the whole process of forging , shaping, quenching, grinding etc is interesting and informative. Eventually, I guess, the gimmicky parts will become too much for me (I've only seen 2 episodes and I'm already over the "it will kill" bit) but for now it's interesting.

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    They recreate historical weapons rather than tools so that "it will kill" is always a big part of the plot.

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