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Thread: my new Shigefusa Gyuto 240

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    my new Shigefusa Gyuto 240

    Thanks to Mark got the blade Shigefusa
    In Ukraine, the handle did, and now it's my favorite knife
    handle, ebony+cocobolo buffalo horn ( front and rear)

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    how to put photos

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    I've found it easiest to right-click the photos, and select "copy image url" and then come to KKF, click the "insert image" button and put the url in the popup box. You can also just paste the url and put the IMG tags around it, but the button just does that for you.

    Like this:

    Great knife, BTW! I wish I had one.

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    Very nice! The handle also looks great. I like the two together, a lot!

    Take a look around at:

    Email me at:

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    The handle looks great and of course, then knife looks great.


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    johndoughy thanks for the photo.
    Marko You're right handle looks is powerfully , but very comfortable despite the fact that the shorter standard.
    Thank you once again for the blade

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    thats a beaut!!!

    the handle makes the knife look bigger than 240mm.

    congratulations sir as you will enjoy this one for some time!!!

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    What is the length of the handle? From the picture it seems a bit on the stubby side.

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