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Thread: Family/Staff Meals

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    Family/Staff Meals

    Many if not all of you have probably worked for or are continuing to work in a restaurant that provides its employees with a meal--prepared by one of its own. I thought it might be interesting to see what everyone's "go to" staff meal preparations are/were/continue to be. So how about it folks? What do you like to make for your fellow workers?

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    I'd always fall back on curry when I run out of ideas.

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    Pasta. Cheap, fast, and a way to use up all the odds & ends.
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    Surf and turf. Usually prime ribeye and lobster tails.

    Oh, wait. That's not what we actually have. That's what I try to picture while I eat family, in a mind over matter battle to convince my taste buds what I am eating is better than it is. Mon-Fri our family meals are made by one of the lunch folks, and, well, it's not the greatest thing ever. Usually some form of rice, pasta, sometimes orzo, chicken (we get whole birds in so there are always extra parts lying around).
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    My favorite was when Martin from San Luis would make turmeric fried rice with jalapenos, chicken and shrimp, and we'd put salsa and lime on it. I would eat it until I hurt.

    At my current job, everyone seems to want deep fried stuff, like cheap tenders fried and tossed in sauce like a chicken wing. barf.

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    Everyone orders individually where I work, so there's no "family style" staff meal. Though often, at the end of a grueling 6 hour, 500 cover Sunday brunch service (with three hours up and one hour down on the sides), I'd personally like nothing more than to serve the waitstaff a slop bucket full of gravy and some bread heels.

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    at the hotel we have a "cafeteria" cook, and he has this really nasty habit of putting raisins in the rice. every friggin time. raisins here, overly sweet/sticky sauces for meats, and fish that no one eats, cause no one trusts it. so i usually just suck up to a line dog, get a Caesar or something. the Ex. Sous doesnt care, and the Exec is never there, and if he is i still dont really care.

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    We used to get spoiled! We'd end up getting whatever we were trying out for the "special".
    It was often lamb shank, or pasta with a lamb scented sauce. If we worked the morning shift (yay) we would normally get Monte Cristo sandwiches and fruit. The owner treated us really well most of the time.
    I always enjoyed when we'd make crepes, because you can go sweet or savory with them.

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    Arroz con Pollo was a pretty easy favorite. Chix and dumpling was easy if done right with Bisquits

    My personal favorite was homestyle frijoles. they used bacon grease and white beans with onions and anything else available. On top of rice it was a meal in itself
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