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Thread: Blackwood Hurts!

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    there's some woods that smell great but remember if you can smell it it's getting in your lungs too respirator needs used more then most makersthink

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    Ironwood does it to me,cant breath, sneeze my but off, get light headed. I think I damn near died the first time, I always wear a respirator now

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    I wear my resporator when working with wood at all times, even hand sanding which is something I dont to with steel. There are too many toxic woods and allergy possibilities to mess around with.

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    I dont need not stinking respirator! lol Just kidding..

    I agree its best to use one.. I just dont as often as I probably should.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kalaeb View Post
    I guess this brings up a lot of good questions...I have been thinking about getting a full face respirator for awhile, how many of you guys use a full face mask when sanding? Also, is dust measured in microns, pm, grit???what is the best respirator cartridge for woodworking? I assume there are different has been a long while since I have purchased one. Have any of you had a reaction from dust getting in your eyes?

    Which ever model, and company you choose to go with, choose you cartridge based on fine dust control, and nuisance vapours. These will filter things like paint and solvent fumes. You need this level simply because if the dust gets you, consider what heat does to the natural oils in woods like ironwood and cocobolo. I know when my belt runs too fast and I am hogging wood off a new handle build, it smokes sometimes, that smokemakes my nose itch, makes me sneeze, and cough right now! Why risk it to save 5 bucks. Get a better cartridge than just dust.

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    I'm glad I asked! Time to go upgrade my cartridges!

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    My favorite smell wood is Lignum Vitae and Cocobolo, and oak but even those I won't work without a respirator and some sort of exhaust system, like a vacuum or exhaust fan. If you do it once or twice, it won't hurt you, but if you plan on doing it regularly, invest in a good 3M respirator.


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    Trend Airshield is the top of the line full face respirator. Cheapest i have found it so far.
    The reason for the burning in your lungs is the oils in the wood reacting to the cilia in your lungs(Hairy little air filters) are inflamed by contact with the oils. It is an allergic reaction that causes swelling and inflammation in your natural air filtration system, and as you found out it is very painful and can be fatal.
    I wear my respirator when doing anything remotely dusty in my shop....I have pretty bad asthma and a weird chronic sinus issue so i really need to.

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    A full face respirator isnt really needed unless you feel more comfortable with it. A good 3M 1/2 face with a dust or nusance cartridge will do a great job. Dust is measured and filtered in microns. Go with a known brand such as MSA/3M, or Dragger. Get one that is a soft heavy rubber sealing surface to fit your face well.

    Also I keep mine in a large zip lock bag when not in use as the inside seemed to get dusty.

    Many exotic woods are toxic, but several of us get more allergic to them the more we are exposed. I cannot use iromwood without a respirator, long sleeves, and a strong fan blowing across the grinder. My Dr friend says we get desensitized to things the more we are exposed.

    PLEASE invest in a good respirator, I work in the health and safety field and a LOT of the stuff we expose ourselves to as knifemakers id bad. I would shut down many jobs down if the workers were exposed to the stuff we do on a daily basis!

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    It's not just the wood, but other fine materials that work themselves into all the nooks and crannies of a shop. I was recently working in my little shop with just cabinet makers files and about half a moment on the band saw to cut out some scale blanks. And I some how kicked up some bone or brass shavings, which tend to barb, which led to about two weeks of slightly bloody noses and congestion. I had my respirator carefully placed around my neck at the time.

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