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    Floss after tomatoes

    Kake likes everything, including San Marsano tomatoes:

    But she flosses afterwards:

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    My Chihualverine eats dirty socks.
    If one hits the floor in the laundry room floor he grabs it and does the 50 yard dash to his hiding place.
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    Yes. Our husky has eaten pounds of tomatoes cherry tomatoes are like treats

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    My dog will eat pretty much anything that I eat. He used to chew on the leaves of hot pepper plants when he was younger. He was smart enough to avoid the fruit. We had a cat when I was a kid who loved peas.

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    My dog, a black lab, Riley eats any and everything including tomatoes. He used to pick our neighbors tomatoes and bring them home to finish. Once I left my fly tying supplies within his reach and it looked like someone shot a grouse in my living room when I returned. After seeing him eat coyote crap while hunting made me less than happy to allow him into our house at the end of the hunt. I have a two and a half year old boy and a 9.5 year old dog and I am not sure who has made me clean up more vomit and feces. Just another dirty day in paradise.............

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    Jebus, JMJ. That's some funny stuff--but not to you, I suppose.

    My dog loves tomatoes, lettuce, most any produce that hits the floor besides celery. His greatest triumph, however, was the golf ball he decided to eat whole. I remember the day it went missing but didn't suspect the dog, until two weeks later when he threw it up onto my carpet, partially digested.

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    Has anybody else heard Bill Engvall's routine about his dog, that eats his own turds? If I remember right, he calls it the perfect dog, because it cleans up after itself.


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    16 yr old jack russell eats anything growing in the garden and picks it herself.. tomatoes green beans raspberries .. and she will steal them out of the collander as i harvest. had to get rid of the strawberries as she would go thru the patch every morning and eat all the ripe ones.

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