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Thread: Stefan-needs-new-toys Sale

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    Any updates on progress? How was Germany?

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    Sorry, only sporadically checked in here. I had a busy year, focusing on my new job. Met all my goals, got good reviews from my students, got a contract extension, and my boss requested a salary raise for me. So, i feel I now got my feet on the ground in the new work environment, and I hope to gear up again for some woodworking this winter. Took me longer than expected, but that seems to be a pattern - maybe just a sign of getting older.... As bad as I feel about it, I have given up on making promises. I just need to take it as it comes, complete old obligations. Once all that is done, I will send a sign of life and see if there is still interest in my work, in spite of the numerous colleagues who have started making handles in the meantime. I also have a few other plans, but they need more time...

    Thanks for your patience!


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    Glad to hear the move is paying off! Maybe Thanksgiving break will give you some time to reduce your backorder.

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