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Thread: Where in the World is Mikey Riggen

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    When I see this thread, it breaks my heart for you Mike Murphy. I would be vivid, especially it were knives like your talking about. You sent him your damay 240 Kato right? My blood boils just thinking about it and anyone that says they wouldn't be concerned after someone doesn't return our calls after you send them a $1000 knife is full of it. Mike R. has always been perceived as an above board guy, but I say regardless of what up with him, he's got someones else very expensive stuff. I hope Mike R. isn't in a bad situation, but last resort, I'd take a trip to see him in person, and believe me, it wouldn't be pretty. Hope he comes through for you Mike M.

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    Actually, it's just the five kitaeji's. I got Ian Rogers to rehandle the Damascus Kato for me. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I know someone is there since they signed for the letters.

    thanks for the good thoughts and here's hoping there is nothing bad going on with Mikey.

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    My last email exchange with Mikey was around the christmas of last year. I contracted him for a few handles and he was following up on them. He told me his getting busy and need time to catch up with orders. Hope his going ok.

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    My last email about handles was also in December, I knew he was busy so tried following up in early February (just double-checked the dates and it was the day before he last logged in). Haven't had luck with subsequent emails and given that I have prepaid into the four figure territory I am concerned that nobody has been able to get ahold of him. I really hope he's doing okay, but similar to Mike M, I am also concerned for what's at stake.

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    All I can say is that I hope that Mikey is fine and your blades will come back to you safe with the work you wanted to get done.

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