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Thread: EU Gesshin stones passaround - register here

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    Yeah, from this experience the biggest take away for me is that I really want a 4000 grit stone. Never felt the need for one before. This opened my eyes for all the possibilities it adds to play with. As a step towards the 6000 or in some cases leave it at 4000, like you mentioned.

    I'm still taking only baby steps with sharpening stones as I've only played around with the King combo for few years now. I do need to step up my game in the coming weeks.

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    So - the stones have made the full round and arrived today. They look pretty much the same as when they left Germany 6 months ago - just the 400 lost a few millimetres, but that was expected. I would like to thank to everyone who participated for taking such a nice care of them and for making this passaround a very smooth and enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

    I enjoyed reading your opinions and experience. You can be sure that sooner than later I will come up with another one (2-3 knives or maybe a natural stone passaround once I have 2 or 3 stones more), so stay tuned!

    Just remember that this passaround started with a little hairline crack on a new Gesshin 4000 and with Jon sending a brand new one to Krakorak

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    Nah Matus — thank you for doing this

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