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Thread: Edge Pro Stones

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    I also have an EP which I never use any more. Just wasn't for me and to be honest I ain't gonna say much because I've said why I don't like it before on other forums and my views have been rubbished and got a huge reply from diehard EP experts who tell me I don't know what I'm talking about. To cut to the chase, I found the action of using it quite tiring and uncomfortable, I sit when I freehand and you can't do that with the EP. Another simple one is that my freehand edges seem infinitely more durable and sharp than anything I could ever do with the EP. A lot of people have great success with it and when I got it I had much the same opinion as bcrano in that I was fairly new to knives and I had more of an interest in knives than sharpening really and I wanted to be able to use knives without spending time learning how to freehand properly

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    Quote Originally Posted by jm2hill;

    I have also heard another thing is don't get the choseras from CKTG. Get them from J-ende industries (google it without the hyphen): I've heard they are cut quite a bit thicker than the CKTG.

    I however cannot confirm this.
    I'll confirm it, and note that the ***** Industries Choceras are a bit more expensive and have no free shipping, but are almost twice as thick.

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    I do use the drill stop collar trick as well, but things get really complicated if youre working an asymmetrical or compound edge.
    Its not that bad if you only have to make the transition between thick and thin stones once, but if you have to changed back and forth several times in your progression, it gets old fast and its easy forget and start grindig away at the wrong angle.

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    I thought, "passaround!" then I thought, the shipping would be more than my curiosity. I'm not interested in the setup dance with a guided system. I grab a stone and touchup or regrind an edge in less time than setting up a jig would take, based on my experience with keeping woodworking hand tools functioning.
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