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Thread: Health Audit

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    Quote Originally Posted by Isker View Post
    Yeah...remove the link.

    “Though I could not caution all, I still might warn a few; Don’t lend your hand to raise no flag atop no ship of fools.” Robert Hunter

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    Take a hike with your spam

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    Quote Originally Posted by kalaeb View Post
    You will all probably get a kick out of this, but I got in trouble on Friday for having a stone soaking in water on my prep table (no prep being done, that is just where I sharpen). The inspector claimed it was kitchen equipement stored in standing water...a friggin critical violation.

    So, as opposed to keeping the water running for 30 min while I soak my Rika, and in trying to be good and keeping in compliance, what is a good splash and go stone in the 4k range?
    Sounds to me the health inspector is wrong probably because does not know what a soaker is.Coming off like an expert.

    Do you leave your knives at work?You can sharpen them at home, use a slash & go at work for touch ups.I am sure the Gesshin's S&G are good I only own the soakers.Got a Shapton 2K its a S&G great touch up stone for trained carbon gyuto's

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