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Thread: Recent work

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    Hmm Where be the pictures then?

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    300mm Ladder Pattern Damascus Sujihiki

    Hey guys, this is a 300 mm, 176 layer, ladderpattern damascus suji

    Blade steels are 1084 and 15N20

    Full distal taper, rounded spine and choil.

    G10 ferrule, white vulcanized fiber and stainless spacers on each side of a
    very nice piece of blue mammoth tooth!

    Stabilized, dyed, maple burl handle. Thanks for looking!


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    Ah there they are!

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    You were right, that blue mammoth is awesome.
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    Nice Pierre.

    Norwegian customer?

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    Nope! His will be something... different. Its already been given a name by him

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    I cant wait to see that one
    But Pierre: do not overdo it! You know me and Darkhoek is always competing about the coolest knives Do good, but not as good as mine... Heheh

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    Once again, absolutely stunning work Pierre!
    I received mine yesterday, and it is even nicer in person! If you love Carter's grinds, you'll love the "new" thin grind Pierre is doing.
    I'll post a pic showing choil (edge up) of both to show you all what I mean.
    Keep it up Pierre!

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    What a beautiful suji Pierre! I Love the use on materials and the damascus looks great.

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    Thanks guys, its appreciated. Got to use some G10 on this one, along with the mammoth, it looks nice in bright light, the tooth is rich!

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