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Thread: Recent work

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    Quote Originally Posted by PierreRodrigue View Post
    - am resting, I'm in a nice warm shop, its -44 with the wind chill outside, this stuff is easy going. Helps with the sanity! What's left of it! Going to do some handle work tomorrow.
    I feel you on that. Oh wait, it's 65F here no I don't.

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    Thing of beauty...stay warm

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    I like that a lot, especially how you used the wood on the handle, it's a great layout. Top marks Pierre!

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    Yea that's sweet. Pierre I am really digging your profile on the suji. I never really looked closely at it until I saw Davids post I believe it was with his collection and I was like dayum is that a Pierre Suji and he informed it was. And now I see it with western handle ... I am quickly converting back the other way now. I think the westerns have out numbered my wa's in my bag once again.

    Kind Regards


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    Wow Pierre. That looks amazing! Great work.

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